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I would like to help solve your technical problems: my assistance leads to new solutions. Providing strategic technology advice, and having excellent communication and listening skills, I like to help clients handle any challenges throughout the product life-cycle, from drawing out potential users' requirements through implementation and testing. Since I am an experienced software developer – analyst, designer, coder and tester, I develop software quickly and reliably, communicating both how and why.

Since 2002, I have provided technical assistance and services as a consultant for telecommunications and speech applications: assisting with system design and analysis, generating and analyzing proposals, designing and developing applications and markets. I have eighteen years experience in the telecommunications industry, working in product and network performance, and linking customer requirements to product development. Formerly a telecommunications industry manager, I hold a doctorate in electrical engineering (systems & computer).

Since 2005, I work in the Windows Live ID™ Test Lab (debugging, deploying, documenting, networking, scripting and supporting). Previously, I have been VP of Business Development at Sprex, Inc., and held standards development, mangement and systems engineering positions in Fluke Networks, Nortel Networks, and BNR.

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